Sandra Tjart

Sandra has recently retired as the Director of Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada's World Partners.

Sandra is a gifted communicator, strategist and relational leader.

Sandra has been a valued participant in Leadership Savvy for a number of years. In the Fall  of 2018, Sandra will be facilitating the 'Transformative Leadership" material through a new cohort in Ontario.


Ruth Esau - Founder

Founder of Inspired to Lead.Ruth is an outcome-focused leader with proven experience in areas of human resources, customer service, strategic thinking, people development, visionary leadership and change management.


“In my interactions with influential leaders, I have seen how easy it is to focus on challenging their thinking and just as you would twist a Kaleidoscope, help them see a new pattern or opportunity.”


Many leadership development opportunities tend to focus solely on the skill side of leading, which is a must, and yet tend to neglect the people development side of leading.Lack of people skills as experienced through emotional intelligence accounts for 85%of failure in leadership. I am passionate about facilitating organizational skills and people skills coming together for greater synergy.


Ruth's roles and experience have been honed in non-profit, ministry and business, locally and nationally. Ruth's certifications are in Leadership Coaching and Emotional Intelligence.


“I feel most fully alive when after getting to the heart of the matter, I see ‘ah-ha’s’ turn into tangible movement forward.”


Ruth is an intuitive, intentional and relational Leader who seeks to bring relevance to the common topics Leaders grapple with on an ongoing basis.


Mining for the wisdom  in the room is a trademark of Ruth's' facilitation style. An active, visual and curious learner, Ruth draws attention to the essence in each learning opportunity.

Alisa Jones

Alisa has travelled the leadership journey with Ruth since 2008. Alisa is an avid and focused learner who brings clarity and depth to her facilitation.


Alisa has moved from an active learner in Called to Lead to a practitioner of the truths in whatever situation she finds herself to a co facilitator of Called to Lead.


Alisa has developed mentorship materials for adults to use with teens and teens with  children. These materials  focus on mentoring relationships that empower others. The process uses practical training methods with a simple reproducing formula to help young leaders explore their talents, strengths and areas to improve in. Alisa is passionate about investing in others.


Alisa also brings administrative and operational skills to the Team.


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