Executive Leadership Development

A dynamic leadership framework for increasing levels of awareness, reflection leading to bold action. Executive Leadership Development is a transformative approach to interacting with and embracing the most effective and action oriented universal leadership principles and practices.

Executive Leadership Development creates space for executives and second level leaders to step back from the daily pressure of leadership. This space allows them to gain greater knowledge in a safe and dynamic environment. The expected outcomes empower each leader to become more confident and competent in their leadership roles. A bi-product of this learning style will be an

increase in capacity for strategic thinking and action.

The cohort sessions are marked by dynamic dialogue and action focused outcomes based in the following themes.


• The Courage and Wisdom to Follow and to Lead

• Performance Management

• Human Resource Basics

• Fund Development 

• Fiscal Knowledge and Responsibility

• Diversity and Inclusion in the Work Place 

• Working through the Challenges of Change, Resistance and Greater Growth 

• Strategic Thinking and Its Impact on Work Efficiencies 

• The Power of Emotional Intelligence for Greater Mission Accomplishment 

• A Glimpse of Social Enterprise, Charitable Responsibilities and the Law 

Financial Structure

Facilitation of above training themes provided in twelve, five  hour cohort sessions equaling 60 hours of Training.

Cost:  Registration and Materials  is $21,000.00 

Cohort materials included in the above cost: What-if Leadership Journal 

                                                                                      Values Inspired Living Cards 

 Number of Participants: 5 Managers