The Inspired To Lead Story

January 17, 2016

In  2004 an opportunity came to holiday on Lake Okanogan. At the last minute my husband was unable to go with me. I realized that in my 54 years of life I had never spent a whole week alone nor had I spent a whole week alone in a location where I did not know anyone. I wondered...could I actually do this and enjoy it?

Yes, Yes indeed I could. My eldest Daughter - Melodie offered to drive out with me and then just stay for the weekend. It was the boot I needed.

As I left my Office, a book sat on the corner of my desk that I had purchased months before and had not looked at. I loved the cover, it was colorful letters and a wonderful title- Inspire by Lance Secretan. I picked up and put it down a few times , after all I had a whole box of books I had already packed!

Oh...take it! And so I did.

We arrived in Kelowna, found our condo right on the lake. We unpacked the car. INSPIRE was on the top of the pile and so I thought it would look lovely on the coffee table . I placed it there.

What a fun weekend with Mel and then off to the airport so Mel could fly home. We said our goodbyes and I headed back to the condo realizing I was on my own. Questions invaded my mind...could I do this... no one to talk to for a week? Yikes!

I arrived at the Condo, unlocked the door. Once inside I stood with my back to the door and just sighed as I looked at this strange place..... Adrenaline was flowing and I just could not settle.

I got a glass of lemonade from the fridge , sat on the couch and picked upINSPIRE. Lightly flipping through it, my attention was captured and I started to read.

" Motivation is something we do to someone, inspiration is something that is the result of a soulful relationship. ..... Motivation comes from a place of self concern....Inspiration on the other hand, comes from a place of love and service, with no strings attached - I love you and want to serve you and teach you and help you to grow. When we motivate we serve ourselves first, when we inspire, we serve others first.

When we are motivated our emotions and behavior are determined by external power. When we are inspired, our emotions and behaviors are determined by powers from within......Inspired People arouse the hearts of others and thus inspire the world.

Inspire is derived from the Latin root 'spirare" meaning "spirit" to breathe, to give life - the breath of God. Webster's dictionary defines inspiration as "breathing in, as air into the lungs, to infuse with an encouraging or exalting influence; to animate; stimulation by divinity; a genius; an idea or a passion; a divine influence upon human beings"  from Inspire by Lance Secretan


I was inspired and so began a week of dreaming, reflecting, planning strategizing and Inspired to Lead was born.


Since then INSPIRED TO LEAD has created deep and meaningful opportunities for progressive leadership thinkers to be challenged and transformed through Mastery Cohorts, workshops, Assessment Profiles  and through One to One Coaching Opportunities. Check out what we have to offer and contact us at



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The Inspired To Lead Story

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