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Workshops are focused to enhance the strength and collaborative environment of your staff and /or volunteer teams.


Our Most Popular Workshops:



Emotional Intelligence Level 1 & 2

Discovering and developing your understanding and expertise in Emotional Intelligence skills.



Leadership Realities



As a Leader gaining skills to lead through the stories to the facts and experience a greater synergy and effectiveness emerge personally and professionally.



The Inside of Conflict



Conflict comes from within and without. Discover how to recognize the inner conflict that feeds the outer conflict of your life. Gain practical tools to live a life that is at peace.



Exploring and Defining Personal and Professional Values



We live by our values every day wether we can articulate them or not. Become intentional about bringing integration to what you say you believe and what you actually do.



Delegation and Accountability



Find some tools to create this healthy environment for your organization.
Clear expectations and healthy accountability create an environment for freedom and greater effectiveness.



The Demands and Complexity of Change



Adaptive Change means we look at our values, attitudes, loyalties, and behavioural habits, reassess them and renegotiate and readjust them to meet the demands of the new reality. Adaptive change takes time and honours people.

Practical, Mechanical(automatic, lacking originality) change is the quick fix, it comes from our present base of wisdom, knowledge, learning and experience. We seem to just know how to or there is an expert close by who has the knowledge of the fix or make the way to make it better.



Becoming an Adaptive Leader



Practice balcony( role) and sanctuary( self)
Differentiate your confidents from your allies
Reading  the message
Differentiate between the communities you are a part of,your roles in those communities and  who you are.
We will address:
Being an Adaptive change leader takes uncommon strength of knowing and character.
Adaptive Change requires new ways of seeing things and new ways and often unknown or unpracticed ways of of doing things.
Adaptive change requires understanding of the people who are involved in the change, including yourself.



NEW in 2017 Strategic Leadership Development Framework

Seeing your people and organization grow comes with intentional, personalized professional development.Come experience a dynamic workshop that will leave you focused and intentional for taking bold action for moving forwarded. Contact us for more information.